October 19, 2019

Call for Proposals: The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation - Safeguarding Democracy/ DL: March 17, 2017

Acknowledging the damage to democracy caused by the populist surge and recognizing the effects of propaganda and misinformation, the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation announces a new call for project proposals for civil society from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine.


The Black Sea Trust strongly believes that civil society can play a fundamental role in defending and advancing fundamental human values like human rights, freedom, justice, rule of law, equality, prosperity, in promoting good governance, and supporting a free and independent media.


Projects working in the following areas are welcomed:

  • countering the anti-western propaganda;
  • debunking fake news and advancing media literacy;
  • promoting good governance processes;
  • advancing fundamental human values.


The average grant will be $24,999. Multilateral projects may exceed that amount.


Find out more here and apply no later than the 17th of March 2017!

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