January 23, 2020

Amnesty International Public Statement on Freedom of Expression in Azerbaijan

Amnesty International has made a public statement expressing its concern on the recent arrest on the 16th December 2013 of a proeminent civil society activist, Anar Mammadli the Chairman of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Centre (EMDS) and the adoption of new amendments to legislation regulating the activities and registration of NGOs by the Parliament on the 17 December 2013.

According to Amnesty International, Azerbaijani authorities violated fair trial principles in connection with the arrest of Mr. Mammadli and restricted the activity of civil society by increasing current fines, introducing new offences punishable by fines, introducing additional administrative requirements and additional motives for temporary suspension or permanent banning of national and foreign NGOs.

Read the entire Amnesty International Public Statement.

Also, you can read the reaction to the events of EaP Civil Society Forum in the following Statement.



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