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Apply now: BBC training courses for journalists and media professionals in Azerbaijan

BBC Training: Call for Applicants in Azerbaijan

The BBC is leading a series of workshops, as part of the EU-funded Media Neighbourhood Project, in the areas of professional journalism, new media, and management. BBC and EU experts will deliver workshops for three different groups of participants across 15 countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Caucasus.

Media Neighbourhood
Media Neighbourhood is a three- year training programme for journalists, editors and managers from broadcast, print and online. It is funded by the European Union and delivered by a consortium led by BBC Media Action.

The programme has two main aims.
• To strengthen the professional capacity of journalists, particularly in the areas of media independence and online media.
• To improve the reporting of EU social, economic and political policies within the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Caucasus

If you currently work in the media in Azerbaijan you may wish to apply for one of the workshops.

Please select one of the three workshops below (BBC News Reporting Course, Multi-Platform Ethical Journalism or Professional and Financial Independence).

Please note, if we are unable to offer you your first choice we may offer you a place on one of our other courses.

Workshops will be held in Azerbaijan led by senior journalists and highly- experienced trainers from the BBC, AFP and the other international media organisations in the consortium. The training will be practical and hands on. Training will be conducted by trainers in English, but translated into Azeri through an interpreter.


1) BBC News Reporting Course – 21-23 January 2013 (TBC)
• Making stories relevant and engaging for the audience
• Understanding the EU and its relationship with its neighbours
• Journalistic ethics
• Effective news gathering
• Professional interviewing techniques

• You will have worked in an established media outlet of any platform for at least 2 years as a reporter or editor.
• Ideally you will have an interest in covering international news, especially concerning the EU and related subjects.

You will be expected to attend two, three full-day workshops, which will be held within a year of each other. Between the two workshops you will be expected to produce a portfolio of stories, which will be evaluated during the 2nd workshop by professional media trainers.

2) Multi-Platform Ethical Journalism 24-25 January 2013 (TBC)
• Basics of multi-platform journalism
• Creating professional content for on-line
• Techniques of mobile reporting
• Ethics and responsibilities of on-line journalism
• Citizen journalism
• Building on-line communities, involving the audience
• Search Engine Optimization
• Blogging, Social Media and Online Curation.

Requirements: you will have one or more of the following:
• Basic experience as a multi-media journalist
• Current involvement in multi-media or on-line journalism
• Experience in blogging and the use of social media for news production, distribution and citizen activism
• Editorial experience in multi-media environment

This is a 2 full- day course

3) Media Managers and Senior Editors on Professional and Financial Independence- 21-23 January 2013 (TBC)
• Business planning
• Strategic marketing
• Developing practical tools – mechanics of selling advertising preparing price lists, negotiation techniques
• Effective broadcast scheduling
• Managing multi-platform content
• Newsroom management, including integrated newsrooms
• Foreign desk management
• EU and its policies towards your country and region
• HR development
• Winning donor grants and project management

Requirements: you will have experience in one or more of the following areas:
• Current managerial or senior editorial position in a media outlet
• Media sales
• Programming or scheduling
• Audience research
• Newsroom management or foreign desk management
• News producer
• Media business management
• Donor relations and project management

This is a 3 full-day course

Application and Information
To apply please send a CV and a letter outlining your experience and your suitability to olha.harbovska@bbc.co.uk by 5th December 2012. Please also specify the course you are applying for.

Please include the names and current email addresses and phone numbers of at least two referees at a senior level with whom you have worked and whom you would be happy for us to contact.

Source: EU Neighbourhood Info Center


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