September 28, 2020

Azerbaijan will strengthen social protection of children

Education Minister Misir Mardanov signed an order approving an action plan to implement “programs to address social problems that lead to trafficking in persons”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on 20 May.

According to the order, heads of departments agencies, local education authorities and educational institutions must ensure that the plan and annually in December to inform the leadership of the Ministry of past events.
According to the plan of activities, management information systems education ministry in conjunction with relevant agencies to develop proposals to improve legislation to strengthen in 2011-2012 to protect children from information that could be harmful to their morals, health and development.

In addition, this year should be developed proposals to improve adoption procedures, and constantly carried out relevant activities (transfer of biological families and caregivers, or attraction to alternative service) in order to prevent abandonment of minors.

For children and adolescents living in dangerous circumstances (surrounded by infected drug addicts, persons entering into promiscuity, sexual minorities) and those at risk of trafficking should be ensured to provide legal, psychological and medical care, social services and their involvement in education.

Should also be outreach work related to safe Internet use by students.

In order to ensure social protection of persons deprived of parental care, leaving in the achievement of a certain age, nursing and other alternative care providers, should always be free activities for training of these individuals in the primary specialized professional educational institutions and make them work.




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