June 22, 2021

Black Sea Basin CBC Partnership Forum Project Ideas Compilation

As you are aware, the ENI CBC Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 Joint Operational Programme was launched in July 2014-2020. The Partnership Forum which followed the launching Conference provided the participants an excellent opportunity to establish new contacts, develop the existing partnerships and to exchange project ideas in the view of the new programme.


The project ideas for which the potential applicants agreed to be made public, are now available on the Black Sea Basin CBC website.


The Programme website allows you search for partner(s) in the area you are interested in. It also offers the possibility to present your project idea or to see other organisations’ project ideas.


All you have to do is to:
1. Register by creating an account.
2. Select the priority you are interested in for submitting an application, type of the organisation and country of the searched partner.


Find out more at: http://blacksea-cbc.net/news/archive-news/projects-ideas-compiled-at-the-partnership-forum/ .


Source: Black Sea Basin CBC

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