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Call for Applications - Research/ policy expert or team of experts to conduct a research on enabling environment for CSOs in the Black Sea Region / Deadline for submitting applications: 9 April 2015, 5 PM Romanian time (GMT+2)

The Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND is looking for a research/ policy expert or team of experts to design the methodology and conduct a desk and field research on the current status of the enabling environment for civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Black Sea Region, with the purpose of:


  1. Providing an overview of the current status of enabling environment for CSOs at national and regional level, taking into consideration three dimensions of enabling environment (legal framework, policy influencing and donor – CSO relationships);
  2. Gathering proposals from respondents for strategic priorities of CSOs in the Black Sea Region, based on the needs and challenges identified through the overview on enabling environment in the region;
  3. Identifying which should be the role of the Black Sea NGO Forum (from the respondents’ perspective) in addressing the above-mentioned needs and challenges and in elaborating and implementing a Strategy of Civil Society in the Black Sea Region.

The assignment will be implemented over a period of 4 months (April – July 2015) and the research should cover the following Black Sea countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.


For more information on the assignment, please read carefully the Terms of References.


Interested candidates must send the following application documents by e-mail:, until the 9th of April 2015, 5:00 PM Romanian time (GMT+2):


  • CV and motivation letter (in a separate document);
  • Two relevant research/ policy analysis samples (one preferably on a subject related to civil society);
  • Research plan (including a calendar of activities and a clear identification of roles and responsibilities in case of a team of experts).

Please note in the case of a team of experts, the application folder must contain CVs, letters of motivations and two relevant work samples from all persons involved. Candidates selected for interview will be announced the results on the 16th of April 2015.


The interviews will take place between the 20th and 21st of April 2015, with the possibility of organising the interviews via skype for candidates residing outside Romania. At the stage of the interview, the selected candidates must demonstrate their motivation and commitment for carrying out the assignment, as well as present the research plan together with the calendar of activities to the project team.


The current assignment is part of the follow-up activities of the 7th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum (8th-10th of December 2014, Kyiv, Ukraine), organised by the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND and supported by the European Commission, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness – CPDE. More information about the Black Sea NGO Forum, its objectives, results and the strategic process can be found in the:

Cover Report of the Black Sea NGO Forum 2014;

Report on the Impact of the Black Sea NGO Forum after the first 4 editions (2008-2011);

Report of the Strategic Meeting on the Future of the Black Sea NGO Forum.


Should you need any other information regarding this assignment, please do no hesitate to contact us at:



Background information
The Black Sea NGO Forum which is an annual regional event launched in 2008 by the Romanian NGDO Platform (FOND), in the framework of the Black Sea Synergy Policy, with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Representation of the European Commission to Romania and the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation. The goal of the Black Sea NGO Forum is to create an open space for debate, mutual knowledge and understanding, communication and cooperation among civil society representatives, governments, international organizations and donors active in the wider Black Sea region, with a focus on sharing good practices in various domains and success stories of regional cooperation. Since its first edition, the Forum has been a driver of change in the region, reuniting more than 700 participants with various backgrounds from 11 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, the Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania and Russia. The Forum has facilitated 18 bilateral projects and 19 regional projects and supported the creation of two regional networks: The Coalition for Child Protection in the Wider Black Sea Area – ChildPact and a regional youth network initiated by the National Youth Council of Moldova.

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