October 22, 2020

Call for Contributions: Open Public Consultation for the Thematic Evaluations of the EU Support to Economic Governance and to Competitiveness in Enlargement and Neighbourhood Countries/ DL: 28.04.2017

The recent difficulties in the Eurozone and the global financial crisis have underlined the importance of further consolidating economic and financial stability and fostering reforms and growth, not only within the EU, but also in the enlargement and neighbourhood countries.

In the current Enlargement Strategy, the Commission has identified economic governance as one of the key challenges for the Western Balkan countries and Turkey, on their path towards EU accession. Also, the revised European Neighbourhood Partnership (ENP) strategy of November 2015 stated that enhancing economic governance, strengthening fiscal stability and supporting structural reforms are EU priorities.

This public consultation is designed to support the thematic evaluation of the EU’s support to Economic Governance in Enlargement and Neighbourhood Countries. It has therefore a dual role: it will inform both the assessment of the performance of EU’s support to economic governance and the design of the pursuit of this support. It comprises several questions focusing more specifically on competitiveness that will also inform the ongoing evaluation on the support to SME competitiveness in enlargement and neighbourhood countries.

Contributions are to be submitted no later than the 28th of April 2017. 

We invite you to read more here and bring your own contribution, by completing the questionnaire available at: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/support-to-economic-governance .

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