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Call for Project Proposals: The EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation/ DL: 01.07.2018

Cross-border and transnational cooperation is a key driver to find shared solutions to Europe’s common challenges. In recognition of this, the donor countries of the EEA and Norway Grants – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – have for the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 period increased their funding to promote such collaboration.


The €15 million budgeted call supports cooperation in the form of knowledge sharing, exchange of good practice and capacity building across the 5 priority sectors, including culture, civil society, good governance and fundamental rights and freedoms.


All projects and activities funded shall be based on the common values of:

  • Respect for human dignity;
  • Freedom;
  • Democracy;
  • Equality;
  • Rule of law; and
  • Respect for human rights, including the rights of people belonging to minorities

The projects supported must be regional cross-border or transnational in nature and involve multiple partners and activities in different countries. Eligible entities must apply as a consortium, consisting of entities from a minimum of three countries.


The list of the eligible partner countries includes Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.


Funding will be allocated to support inclusive dialogue and the strengthening of cross-border and transnational networks, capacity building, knowledge sharing and policy exchange to accelerate innovation; the development of sustainable cooperation; and engagements contributing to and enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in policy development.


When evaluating the proposal, the Fund will take into account:

  1. geographical spread of projects;
  2. sustainability;
  3. establishment of cross sectoral partnerships;
  4. pilots with possibility for up-scaling by EU programmes;
  5. innovative and cost-efficient initiatives;
  6. tangible results with good visibility and impact

Applicants are invited to submit by the 1st of July 2018 a project concept note briefly describing the project idea, project activities and outputs, the members of the project consortium and a tentative budget. 


We invite those interested to read more information at the following link: https://eeagrants.org/regionalcooperation .

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