July 23, 2024

Call for Proposals: Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation „Engaged Turkey”/ DL: March 17, 2017

The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation announces a new call for project proposals for civil society from Turkey.


The projects should be initiated by civil society and academia, which can effectively and efficiently engage the targeted audiences.

Projects working in the following areas are welcomed:
• Promoting universal human values and rights;
• Addressing divisions and polarization in Turkish society;
• Supporting pluralistic and dialog based political process;
• Promoting Turkey – U.S. – EU understanding and engagement.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to develop projects which:
• Engage the young populations and empower them to become active citizens, critical thinkers and social innovators;
• Reach large audiences;
• Are cross-sectorial (engage counterparts from various fields and domains such as arts, creative industries, IT, etc.);
• Are creative (activities can include but are not limited to artistic events, hackathons and other types of marathons, flash mobs and other types of campaigns, storytelling, etc).


The average grant will be $24,999, while multilateral projects may exceed that amount.


Find out more and apply by the 17th of March 2017  at the following link: http://www.gmfus.org/initiatives/call-applications#Engaged .

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