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Call for Proposals: CPDE Country-Level Civil Society Initiatives on Effective Development Cooperation/ DL: 17.11.2017, end of business Manila time – 6 PM

CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness – CPDE has launched a call for applications for national civil society organisations to submit proposals on initiatives and actions in line with the universal application of effective development cooperation (EDC) principles.


The call is soliciting proposals on:

  • Advancing development cooperation commitments and its implementation in the context of Agenda 2030;
  • Work around development effectiveness of CSOs, and
  • Research and advocacy for enabling environment for CSOs.

The objectives of the call for proposals are the following:

  1. Establish linkages and translation of CPDE advocacy priorities in resonance to constituency issues, most especially at the country level;
  2. Provide spaces for CSOs to forge multi-sectoral alliances and partnerships that will address national issues;
  3. Facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues aimed at contributing to the universal application of EDC principles and the implementation of the sustainable development goals at the country-level;
  4. Advocate for the institutionalised participation of CSOs in official processes and spaces to push for civil society agenda in development.

CPDE is releasing this ‘2017 Call for Proposals on Country-Level Civil Society Initiatives in Effective Development Cooperation’ for actions developed and led by CSOs at the country-level in line with CPDE’s country focus mandate. Each successful proposal will be provided up to USD 5,000.00. All initiatives should be implemented and completed by end of March 2018.


Call for Proposals on Country-Level Civil Society Initiatives in Effective Development Cooperation;

Annex 1. Implementing Country Focus Document;

Annex 2. Country Compacts: Country-level Effectiveness Compacts;

Annex 3. CSO Enabling Environment & CSO contributions to achieving the SDGs at country level;

Annex 4. Template for Proposals for Country Actions .


We invite you to read more information about this CPDE Call for Proposals here .


All proposals should be submitted on or before 17 November 2017, end of business Manila time (6PM).


For the European region, the proposals should be addressed to the following: Jodel Dacara (Membership Engagement Officer) membership@csopartnership.org, Marc Adrian Ignacio (Grants Administrator) mignacio@iboninternational.org and Irina Lupu (Regional Coordinator) irina.lupu@fondromania.org .


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