August 11, 2020

Call to International Community to Respect the Armenian Constitution and People

The February 18, 2013 presidential elections held in Republic of Armenia unarguably showed the public distrust toward the authorities.

The elections were accompanied by gross violations – abuse of administrative resources, election bribe, threats, ballot box stuffing, voting instead of absentees, and falsification of voting results – which are documented widely, including through video materials posted online.

On February 28, 2013, Amnesty International expressed their concern about the facts of violence against reporters, observers, and other individuals and demanded that cases of violation of human rights and electoral rights be investigated thoroughly.

The widespread violations have significantly affected the election results, which is reflected in the analyses by different organizations as well as the 3rd interim report on the Armenian Presidential Elections published by OSCE/ODIHR observation mission published on March 2, 2013.

Post-election mass protests and actions of civil disobedience throughout the entire country also serve to demonstrate that the Armenian citizens do not believe in the legitimacy of the past elections and do not wish to tolerate the government formed which came to power through election fraud.


We would also like to note that, according to the RA Constitution, elections culminate with the release of a decree by the Constitutional Court, and if there is no application to the Constitutional Court, then with the completion of the deadline to apply to the Court. Moreover, the RA Constitutional Court has the authority to find the election results invalid, to recognize a candidate not elected to find the elections failed or to decide to hold a second round of elections.

Congratulating any of the candidates before the completion of the terms set for the RA Constitutional Court is unclear and unjustified to us, especially when it is done in case of a candidate, who has re-usurped the power through election fraud, and when it involves leaders of states considered to be democratic and representatives from organizations, which are promoting democratic values, which are apparently politically motivated and apply double standards.

We consider such a behavior that contradicts the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and its national interests, to be a blow to the attempts on the citizens of the Republic of Armenia to build a democratic state. this practice of rapidly congratulating dictators, who have “won” disputable elections is unacceptable because it can again lead to the dramatic events which followed the 2008 presidential Elections in Armenia.

We, the Citizens of the Republic of Armenia demand that you observe the principles of international law and follow the RA Constitution and laws in relations with our state. We also urge you not to hinder the pursuit of the RA citizens for building a democratic state by legitimizing the falsified 2013 presidential Elections for the sake of short-term regional interests.

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia
March 4, 2013

In present the petition is joined by over 470 citizens. It is available online and is open for signatures.

Source: HETQ -Investigative journalists



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