July 29, 2021

CIVICUS People Power Under Attack Report 2019

On the 4th of December 2019, CIVICUS Monitor launched its report „People Power Under Attack 2019’’, elaborated on the basis of the data released on the CIVICUS Monitor online platform.

According to the new People Power Under Attack report, the fundamental freedoms of association, peaceful assembly and expression are backsliding across the world. In the space of a year, twice as many people are living in countries where these civic freedoms are being violated: 40% of the world’s population now live in repressed countries – last year it was 19%.

The report, which is based on data from the CIVICUS Monitor, a global research collaboration, shows that civil society is under attack in most countries. In practice, this means that just 3% of the world’s population are now living in countries where their fundamental rights are in general, protected and respected – last year it was 4%.

According to the CIVICUS Monitor, civic space in 196 countries is categorized as either closed, repressed, obstructed, narrowed or open, based on a methodology which combines several sources of data on the freedoms of association, peaceful assembly and expression.

When it comes to the Black Sea Region and the situation of the civic space, the limitations of the fundamental freedoms have continued to take place as it follows: the civic space in one country remained closed, while the conditions from two other countries continued to stay obstruct with no improvements recorded.  Going further, three countries are still labelled as repressed on the general ranking. On the other hand, the analysis show that are still 5 countries  from the region where the situation is characterised as narrowed.

Over twenty organisations collaborate on the CIVICUS Monitor to provide an evidence base for action to improve civic space on all continents.

The Monitor has posted more than 536 civic space updates in the last year, which are analysed in People Power Under Attack 2019. The updates are available on the CIVICUS Monitor Platform here: https://monitor.civicus.org/ .

Read more about the Report “People Power Under Attack” at the following link: https://monitor.civicus.org/PeoplePowerUnderAttack2019/ .

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