January 21, 2020

"Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress" Study: Overview of Civil Society Organisations in Moldova

The EU-funded ‘Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress’ project has released a study on Civil Society Organisations in Moldova, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of CSOs in country, including their potential to influence and monitor national and regional policies, as well as their capacity and need to conduct policy dialogue with central and local government.


The study covers:

  • CSO Development and Structure;
  • Fundamental rights and freedoms, legal framework;
  • Financial sustainability;
  • Policy dialogue quality;
  • Capacity building of CSOs.

The study is based on analytical, as well as empirical research: opinion surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, semi-structured interviews, and analysis of relevant legislation and documents.


Read the full study here.

Source: EU Neighbourhood Info Centre

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