July 14, 2020

Civil Society Recommendations for Public Administration Reforms in Eastern Partnership Countries

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum has issued a series of recommendations in its recently-published policy paper entitled ‘Public Administration and Local Governments Reforms in Eastern Partnership Countries’.


The document, prepared by the Subgroup on Local Government and Public Administration reform of the Working Group 1, analyses the level of the reforms in the six EaP countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine), by focusing on:


• Competences of local self government;
• Fiscal decentralization;
• Control and supervision;
• Public administration reform;
• The strategic framework for public administration reform;
• Public service and human resources management;
• Accountability.


The analysis is following the progress achieved in reforms’ implementation, their articulation in legislative and regulatory documents, as well as how they are implemented in practice.


Based on these, the authors developed a series of recommendations for each EaP country, which aim to improve the functioning of public administrations and decentralization of decision-making for the well-being of the population.


The paper is available for consultations at the following link: http://eap-csf.eu/wp-content/uploads/policy-paper-par.pdf .

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