July 23, 2024


An independent team of journalist professionals based around the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism (RCIJ) – www.crji.org, is launching a competition to finance short follow-up investigative feature stories from young journalists in the Black Sea countries.

The RCIJ is now working to turn an existing reporting blog into an in-depth online magazine feature for this region, which is where the winning articles will appear. The online magazine is called The Black Sea and will be published at theblacksea.eu

This is a great opportunity for young journalists to receive payment for work which will reach an international readership.

Five selected journalists will work under the guidance of a native English editor and will benefit from the solid international community of investigative journalists to which RCIJ is connected. These selected journalists will also partner with a collaborative network of professionals in the field of photography, information design and coding. This will be a fantastic chance for Black Sea journalists to share stories with their colleagues from neighbouring countries, bring greater understanding to an under-reported region and help to create a network of like-minded professionals.

We accept applications from professional journalists under 30 years of age from the following countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, The Russian Federation, Ukraine and all the recognised or unrecognised territories in this region. The stories and the applications must be in English.

The jury is looking to finance the following types of stories:

  • Follow-up investigative articles on which the journalist has some experience in reporting.
  • A national issue or transnational issue relevant to the greater Black Sea area.
  • A story which highlights a social injustice or a corporate, state or local Government system which is broken in your country.
  • It should involve in-depth reporting, interviews with primary sources, such as victims, accused parties, Government agencies or corporations, to create a multi-dimensional feature with opposing and contrasting points of view.

Once commissioned, the winning features will be written in English with a word count of about 2,000.  Interested journalists will need to fill in an application form for a deadline of 31 MARCH. Successful applicants will be informed by mid of APRIL 2013.

The fund has 500 USD available for each of no more than five journalists chosen and their work will be published on an innovative new online Black Sea platform from August 2013 onward.

Download the APPLICATION FORM and send it to  contact@theblacksea.eu

For more information on the CRJI: www.crji.ro
For more information on the CRJI’s reporting blog on the Black Sea: http://theblacksea.eu/en

This project is financed by a grant from The Black Sea Trust For Regional Cooperation.

Source: Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism



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