November 12, 2019



Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the Northeast, Ukraine to the South, Poland to the West, and Lithuania and Latvia to the Northwest. Its capital is Minsk.

Belarus is a unitary republic, with a constitution that in theory guarantees a broad range of rights and freedoms. In reality, the country did not experience a change in political leadership since 1994 when Aleksandr Lukashenko was elected as president. Moreover, in 1996 the constitutions was amended to expand the power of the president, allowing him to rule by decree.

By analysing the degree of respect of fundamental freedoms of association, of peaceful assembly and of expression, the CIVICUS Monitor Platform has characterised civic space in Belarus in 2018 as ‘Repressed’. More details can be found at: .

The following CSOs from Belarus participated at the Black Sea NGO Forum: