November 18, 2019



Ukraine is the largest country entirely within Europe. Ukraine borders Russia to the East and Northeast, Belarus to the Northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the West, Romania and Moldova to the Southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the South and Southeast, respectively. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.

Ukraine is a unitary state composed of 24 oblasts (provinces) and a city with special status, and a semi-presidential republic. The country is part of the United Nations, OSCE since 1992 and the Council of Europe since 1995. It also has close ties with NATO and envisages European integration.

The status of civic space – defined by the CIVICUS Monitor Platform as the respect of freedom of association, of peaceful assembly and of expression – in Ukraine is regarded as ‘Obstructed’. More information is available here: .

The following CSOs from Ukraine participated at the Black Sea NGO Forum: