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CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness is looking for candidates from the Black Sea Sub-region/ Deadline extended: 16 August 2021, 23:59 Romanian time


CSOs have been engaged for many years in the international multi-stakeholder development effectiveness agenda. Since 2007, CSOs have actively participated in the High-Level Fora on Aid Effectiveness and since 2011 CSOs are formally recognized as independent development actors in their own right.

Until 2012, CSOs have organised themselves mainly through two development effectiveness networks: BetterAid and the Open Forum. In March 2012 in Cebu, Philippines the two networks decided to merge. The new CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) was created as an open platform that unites CSOs from around the world on issues relating to development effectiveness, in particular in the context of the Global Partnership on Effective Development Co-operation (formed in June 2012 as a result of The Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, Busan 2011).

European Representation within CPDE

Europe is represented in the governance structure of the CPDE – Global Council (please see below Annex I) through four regional representatives:
Regional representative for whole Europe
Sub-regional representative for EU CSOs
Sub-regional representative for the Balkans CSOs
Sub-regional representative for the Black Sea CSOs

The current Terms of Reference concerns the mandate and election process of the representative as follows:

  • The Black Sea Sub-region refers to the CSOs coming from the following EU and Non-EU countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine.

Election of the representatives

All organizations and individuals that have a history of working with CPDE directly or through their networks are invited to apply.
The elections for the representative of the Black Sea Sub-Region will be organized by FOND Romania as the CPDE focal point for that region.
The elections for the representatives of the EU and the Balkans Sub-regions will be organized by BCSDN as the regional secretariat.
The elections for the representative of the whole Europe region will be organized jointly by BCSDN as the regional secretariat with the support of FOND Romania.

Interested candidates from the Black Sea Region for the position of CPDE Representative must submit by 16 August 2021, 23:59 Romanian time, at fond.romania@gmail.com the following documents in English:

  • CV;
  • Motivation letter including reference to relevant expertise and explaining their vision on the future engagement of this sub-region;
  • Mandate from his/hers organization ensuring the time and resources for the candidate to participate in the Global Council.

Elections will be held through an online voting process and the results of the voting will be announced in August 2021. Each sub-region votes for its own representative, while all regions vote for the representative for the whole Europe region.

A Supervising Committee, comprising 1-2 members from the European Region, will oversee the voting process and its compliance with the established rules and overall procedure. For more details, please read the information in the document on the voting process.

More information about this call can be found here

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