June 22, 2021

Developments in Ukraine

Developments in Ukraine

RFE/RL: Ukrainian Parliament Votes To Oust President, Tymoshenko Released From Jail

On the 22nd of February 2014, the Ukrainian Parliament voted to hold early presidential elections on the 25th of May 2014 arguing that Yanukovych failed in his duties as president. The decision came after the former president said in a TV interview that he does not intent to resign and that the Parliament’s actions are illegal. Moreover, he described the recent protests as vandalism and a coup d’etat.

Meanwhile, after a positive vote in the Parliament, Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison and other series of changes were made in the goverment’s structure at the level of the minister of interior, the parliament speaker, the Prosecutor- General.

Source: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty


DW: EU to offer financial aid to Ukraine

High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton has travelled to Kyiv to negotiate with the new leadership the offer of an international aid package to sustain Ukraine’s medium and long-term economic difficulties. However, it is not clear how much money will be allocated and for which priorities.

Moreover, the EU has stressed out that the offer to sign the association and free trade agreement is still available. Nevertheless, sanctions are possible for political and business leaders in Ukraine who were involved in the violent repression of protesters.

Source: Deutsche Welle


DW: Ukraine’s interim leader to appoint unity government as presidential campaign opens

The electoral commission of Ukraine has officially declared opened the presidential campaign and set the elections’ day on the 25th of May 2014. A list of names that might candidate for the post include: former cabinet minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, recently freed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko and former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko.

Meanwhile, the interim president Oleksandr Turchynov declared that his attention is focused on forming a new unity government in order to ensure stability in the country by Thursday, the 27th of February.

In addition, at the recent discussion with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, Turchynov stressed out Ukraine’s urgent need for financial aid.  According to the interim finance minister Yuriy Kolobov, the country will need as much as 35 billion dollars (25 billion euros) and, therefore, the organisation of an international donors’ conference specifically for Ukraine is necessary.

Source: Deutsche Welle 

Image Source: http://news.kievukraine.info


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