September 26, 2021

Educating Peace: A Case Study of Peace Education Curricula in Armenia (Research Brief)


Garine Palandjian

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict continues to be one of the greatest obstacles to peace in the Caucasus region. Armenia and Azerbaijan both claim ownership of the territory. Despite the lengthy high-level official negotiation process that has yet to result in an agreement, initiatives at the grassroots or civil society level in the realm of education remain an underutilized resource in bringing peace to the Caucasus. While international agencies have piloted several initiatives creating new curriculum materials, none have been successfully incorporated into the national curriculum. This research aims to examine how Armenia’s teachers understand, interpret, and implement peace education curricula in daily classroom practices. Understanding local, classroom- and community-level reactions to the educational initiatives will also inform broader policy changes which, if enacted will, promote peace education in Armenia.

Garine Palandjian was a 2012-2013 Individual Advanced Research Opportunities (IARO) fellow.

Source: IREX


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