July 6, 2020

EU-Moldova: with I. Leancă about Vilnius Summit and beyond

European Commission Memo:

Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Štefan Füle, met with Prime Minister of Moldova Iurie Leancă in Strasbourg on the 23rd of October 2013.

They discussed the preparations for the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius next month. Commissioner Füle reaffirmed EU’s commitment to the agreed target: initializing the Association Agreement, including Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area in Vilnius on 29th November. The initializing of the Association Agreement is an important precondition for signing this treaty next year still within the term of the current Commission. “This agreement represents a qualitative leap forward towards real transformation. Vilnius will be a Summit that delivers not only declarations but also on concrete deeds, bringing the most effective transformative instrument after enlargement to the Eastern Neighbourhood.” he said.

The visa liberalisation calendar was discussed and Commissioner Füle welcomed the progress achieved so far. The next Commission report, which will be released in November, will set the scene for the way forward.

On the external pressure on Moldova, Commissioner Füle recalled that the pressure was incompatible with EU principles. The EU has demonstrated its solidarity already and will continue to stand by Moldova. Before the end of this year there will be no more quotas on imports of Moldovan wines to the EU and other similar measures are being discussed for making possible the export to the EU of products of animal origin.

Commissioner Füle also stressed that the root causes of political instability in the country remain to be addressed and at the same time Moldova needs to focus on political and institutional reforms. Constitutional reform, deep judicial reform, the fight against corruption and improvement of the business climate are of the essence and cannot wait any longer.

Source: European Commission

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