July 6, 2020

European initiatives in the regulation of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict

he attitudes of Armenian, Azerbaijani and Karabakhi societies towards the regulation of the Nagorno Karabakh (NK) conflict toughen with every year. The positions of the governments are even more divergent.The recent official rhetoric of Azerbaijan and the regular and intensifying violations of the ceasefire come to prove that the governments downplay their interest in negotiations in favor of non-negotiation strategies: intensifying the arms race, pressuring each other using a third power and a number of other influences.

It seems that the initiatives to support the regulation of the conflict should take into account such developments and use the most effective of influence mechanisms. However, the reality is different. Most initiatives in essence continue the same approach adopted decades ago. European initiatives are not an exception. It is but natural that the regulation intermediaries should have their own interests, which do not change as fast as the needs of conflict regulation. Moreover, there are times when the resolution of the conflict is not in the interests of the intermediaries.

Full report available here.


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