July 5, 2022

Forum Code of Conduct

Black Sea NGO Forum

The Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND Romania/ Black Sea NGO Forum prepared in the Members Area menu a virtual space to facilitate an easy exchange of information, open dialogue and ideas with and between representatives of the NGO community in the Black Sea region.

For the smooth functioning of the website and its interactive area ( online Forum), it is very important that the following rules are respected. This online community is a place where our members share information, opinions, and ideas about the Black Sea NGO Forum through civilized conversation, and the purpose of these rules is to promote an open, transparent and constructive discussion space.

  • Contribute in a constructive way to discussions

The topics addressed on this Forum are relevant to us and we want you to behave and act taking into account this aspect. Please show respect to both the topics discussed and the other users of the Forum, even if you do not agree with the information posted by them.

Before creating a new topic, please:

• Allow the time needed to read the topics covered;

• Use the “Search” function to avoid posting information already existing on the Forum;

• Ensure that the proposed topic fits within the category / thread presently;

• Check the spelling and correctness / accuracy of the information;

• Make sure that the title of the topic is relevant and that it matches its content.

All the topics and conversations will be in English. If you would like to post information in another language, please include an English translation.

  • Be polite and civilized, even when you disagree with the information posted

To facilitate the discussions in an open and constructive manner, we strongly request you refrain from posting in any form:

• insults;

• personal attacks;

• quarrels arising from the approach of a negative tone in the comments;

• impulsive and virulent reactions resulting from a contradictory discussion;

• inappropriate content (profanity or any language that a reasonable person would find offensive, obscene or otherwise improper);

• digital / personal information that does not belong to you, only if you have the explicit permission of the owner of those data.

Please be civilized in your interaction with other members and respect your discussion partners.

Do not assume identities that do not belong to you.

Do not publicly expose private information.

Do not attach files containing viruses, Trojans, spyware or any other potentially dangerous attachment to other forum users.

It is forbidden to create a topic for the purpose of publishing advertising messages. Oterwise that content will be deleted without notice and the user sanctioned.

It is forbidden to send commercial messages / which can be considered offensive to other members (including through private messages).

  • Get involved in a positive way in discussions

Be involved in an active manner in conversations that make this forum an interesting virtual space, with useful and relevant information for all its members. Avoid discussions that do not bring constructive input to the forum and topics discussed in this space. Avoid posting misplaced comments to other members. Try to help those who do not know certain aspects of the Forum or contact one of the Forum moderators in this regard.

  • If you notice a problem, report it

The moderators of this Forum have special attributions, responsibility and authority, but your role is also extremely important in facilitating community development and interaction of all members. If you notice an inappropriate behavior / post, please do not encourage the user in any way, in this way a wider conflict can be avoided.

In order to maintain the integrity of this community and protect members and discussions, moderators reserve the right to remove any content or user, for any reason, at any time.


Repeated or egregious deviation from the rules of conduct listed above will have negative consequences. Thus, to support the Black Sea NGO Forum community and the constructive discussions on this Forum, moderators reserve the right to take immediate action against users who post inappropriate, irrelevant or potentially offensive content.