May 24, 2024

In Search of Organizational Resilience: Lessons from the Field and Trends - Articles Series

There is little consensus what resilience is and what it means for the organizations. This article provides a literature review in the field of organizational resilience that can support the quest accompanying an important question faced by organizations and organizational development practitioners in a never-as-before fast changing environment: how an organization can anticipate and be ready to face crisis, threats and related risks coming from changing civic space but also from internal organizational vulnerabilities?

Author: Ms. Olivia Baciu, Senior Adviser & Technical Lead, PartnersGlobal

This article is part of the Call for Articles Series “Building Knowledge for CSO Cooperation in the Black Sea Region”, in the context of the project “Building CSO Capacity for Regional Cooperation within the Black Sea Region”, implemented by FOND, and funded by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST), a project of the German Marshall Fund. The opinions expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views those of the Black Sea Trust or its partners.

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