December 10, 2022

In Ukraine authorities fail to implement law on access to public information

The Vsesvit Centre and Alliance Maidan NGO have analyzed the government’s implementation of the law on access to public information. Support for the monitoring initiative was provided by the Civil Society and Good Governance Program of the International Renaissance Foundation.

The civic auditors sent information requests to 155 holders of public information (the president, Verkhovna Rada, human rights ombudsman, Cabinet of Ministers, ministries, agencies, oblast state administrations, and city councils in oblast centers nationwide).

In 14 cases (9%) responses were received late or not at all. Complete responses were provided in 6 cases (4%). Acceptable responses were obtained in 61 cases (52%). The responses to the rest of the letters were incomplete. On average, 10% of requests for information are denied.

The experts believe the following practical steps should be taken to guarantee the rights provided by Articles 34 and 40 of the Constitution of Ukraine:

1. Adopt a law setting a uniform procedure for all state and local authorities for handling information requests;
2. Unify the procedure for compiling statistics on information requests and public appeals to all state and local authorities;
3. Unify the “Access to Public Information” and “Public Appeals” sections of the websites of state and local authorities.

Source: International Renaissance Foundation



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