September 23, 2020

Modern science and education: experience and scientific trends of humanization in the Russian society




Dear colleagues!

Organizing committee of the North Caucasus Social Institute invites you to take part in All-Russian and International Research and Practice Conference

«Modern science and education: experience and scientific trends of humanization in the Russian society” (in memory of Professor E.N. Shiyanov), May 17, 2013, Stavropol, Russia.

Ideas of the conference:

–   development of humanistic functions of science and education in a context of modernization processes of modern society;

– the analysis of humanistic ideas in various branches of Russian and international science and their applied value;

– experience consideration of basic humanistic scientific schools;

– appeal to experience of the author’s research area «Humanization and person-centered developing technologies of education” (E.N.Shiyanov);

–  the importance of value of humanity in the culture of society and scientific community;

– research of person problems as a subject of public relations;

– analysis of humanistic problems in the sphere of management, economy and  law

–  assistance to civil culture development;

–  statement of  humanistic orientation in the sphere of communication and society informatization;

– search of humanistic consensus in interethnic interaction.


The following scientific fields can be presented in reports:

History Sociology and Politology








Economy and regional development
Cultural science Public municipal administration


Applied mathematics and Computer Sciences Pedagogics and Education


Tourism and  Services


Ecology and Health-saving


Social work

In the course of conference round-table talks will take place

Topical problems of the Southern Russian region in human measurement

(with participation of the Russian Southern office of sociologists)

Humanistic bases of the higher school and methods of  realization of “The law Education of theRussian Federation” (2012)

(with participation of representatives of educational  bodies and organizations)



Social partnership in civil society

(with participation of public fund “Russian Fund of the World” in the Southern Federal District and North Caucasus federal district”, representatives from organizations of social protection of the population

For participation in the conference teachers, graduate students, undergraduates, young scientists, research staff of the Russian and International Universities and Institutes are invited.

Participation in the conference – internal, correspondence, online.

Working languages of the conference – Russian, English.

For participation in the conference and publication of materials it is necessary to provide in organizing committee the following:

1.  Article in electronic form corresponding to a subject of the conference, its ideas and the requirements of the article as well (see appendix 1).

2. Articles of undergraduates, graduate students must have a review of the research supervisor or administration of the higher education institution (faculty) officially assured.

3. Application Form in the established format (see  appendix 2).

All  materials must be delivered until March 20, 2013 by e-mail:

All articles must be reviewed by editorial board. Afterwards the presented materials will be included in the conference collection of articles for publication and the authors of the articles will receive the conference program by mail. Those materials which haven’t passed expert review won’t be returned to the authors.

Materials of the conference will be published at the expense of the North Caucasus Social Institute on site .

Post mailing of collections will be carried out by cash on delivery.

Requirements to materials:

In electronic option the text has to be typed in the Windows/Word editor, the Times New Roman font, size 14.

The volume of the article is up to 8 pages (no more).  Weeding at the left, on the right, above, below –2,0 cm.  Paragraph space –1,0 cm.  Line spacing – single-space.

In the first line in the center specify the name of the article in capital letters (the name of the article shouldn’t be more than two-three lines).  In the second line – a surname and initials, a scientific degree, a rank or the current status (the graduate student or the employee – position is specified), in the third line – the full name of the university/institute, in the fourth line – the e-mail address.

In case the author of article is a graduate student (undergraduate) it is necessary to specify details about his/her research supervisor (teacher) in the following form:

Full name, scientific degree, position, the chair, the higher education institution name.

Above the article the list of keywords which has to characterize its subject must be included.

Quotation marks are used only in case of double quotes.

In the text one shouldn’t use underlinings and bold-face type and insert drawings, schedules and charts as well.

A list of references is included at the end of article by the 12th size in process of emergence of quotes in the text. The number of a source and page are specified in square brackets (for example, [1, S. 26]). Data on not quoted sources are specified in the text (for example, A.V.Petrovsky, 2002).

In the name of the file containing the text of article one should specify a surname of the author, for example: “Surikov-statya”. Materials should be presented in the MS Word-2003 format (files with expansion *.doc or *.rtf).

Organizing committee address:

355012     59 A,Golenev St.,Stavropol,Russia

Phone: 8(865-2)94-53-19 Fax: (865-2) 94-53-19, (865-2)26-74-12


The secretary of organizing committee –  Kondratyeva Olga Nikolaevna

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Kind regards,

Conference organizing committee



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