October 20, 2020

Opportunities for Regional Cooperation at the Black Sea Supported by FOND and MEP Ioan Mircea Pașcu

The Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND, with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Parliament, organized on the 26th of June 2013, in Brussels, a debate dedicated to opportunities for regional cooperation in the Black Sea region. It is for the first time that such an initiative is launched by the civil society, with the support of MEP Ioan Mircea Pașcu, Vice-Chair of the Committee on External Affairs within the European Parliament.

This event represents a follow-up to the 5th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum (October 2012) and an opportunity to present the impact of the Forum’s first four editions (2008-2011).

The goal of this meeting, moderated by Olivia Baciu – FOND President, was to bring again into discussion the collaboration potential in the extended region of the Black Sea, with an emphasis on two examples of good practices, resulted in the aftermath of the Black Sea NGO Forum last year – the creation of a regional coalition for the protection of children’s rights – ChildPact and the launch of a youth network comprising 9 states from the region, coordinated by the National Youth Council from the Republic of Moldova.

During its five editions, the Forum has facilitated a series of partnerships and common projects: 18 bilateral projects, 19 regional projects and the two above-mentioned success stories. As Mr. Adrian Bratu – Permanent Representative at the EU Political and Security Committee (COPS) emphasized, the Black Sea NGO Forum has brought an added value to the debates and initiatives from the region, despite the existent divergences and conflicts. Therefore, it is necessary to elaborate a strategy dedicated to this region which should include all the relevant actors, especially civil society organizations.

Initiatives such as the motion for the creation of a Black Sea strategy, presented by Traian Ungureanu in the European Parliament, must by doubled by political will and the participation of all governments in the region, together with non-governmental organizations.

FOND will continue to support this initiative and, for the 6th year in a row, civil society organizations from the Black Sea Region will gather between the 4th and the 6th September 2013, in Bucharest, at the Black Sea NGO Forum, in order to debate the most important themes of regional interest for civil society and to share local solutions to regional problems.       


Since its first edition, the Black Sea NGO Forum has reunited over 600 participants from various activity areas – representatives of NGOs, experts, representatives of the Government – coming from the following countries from the region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Grecia, Republic of Moldova, Turcia, Ucraina, România, Rusia.

The Forum was created in line with similar actions of the European Union, designed to bring civil society closer to its seaside frontiers (Black Sea NGO cooperation and Euromed process), with the ambitious goal of contributing to sharing European values, prosperity and consolidating trust in the entire region.  


For further details:

Contact person: AdrianaZaharia, Communication Coordinator – The Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND, telephone: 0747798582, e-mail:  adriana.zaharia@fondromania.org

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