August 11, 2020

European Commission


European-Commission European Commission

At the level of the European Commission, civil society organizations (CSOs) are recognized as development actors, but there are several challenges in a changing environment that they should be aware of:

  • The increasing number and diversity of citizen actions;
  • The increasing number and diversity of citizen actions;
  • The rise of internet & social media;
  • The limited dialogue with the state;
  • The shrinking space for CSOs and restrictive measures;
  • CSO internal challenges (governance, capacity & access to funds).

In this context, the EC promotes the dialogue with the state and encourages a supportive environment for civil society.

The Neighbourhood East Civil Society Facility is a programme developed under the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) to boost support to civil society in the Black Sea NGO region. This programme aims at:

  • Creating a stronger engagement with CSOs in the implementation of bilateral cooperation;
  • Supporting civil society as a crucial partner in policy dialogues, local development through sector support programmes and budget support.