August 11, 2020

European Endowment for Democracy


 EEDThe European Endowment for Democracy (EED) is a young international organization with a young team that fosters and encourages democratization. Also, it encourages a bottom-up approach, meaning that the actors should stay in contact with EED in order to communicate the important issues for them. The applications are received on an on-going basis and the EED supports especially organizations which cannot receive funding from other donors. The priority countries are from the Black Sea Region (Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia) and MENA, in total 15 countries.

financing-imgThe added value of EED on the donor’s arena is that they are willing to fill in the gaps, by being rapid in response and flexible, supporting support non-registered NGOs, representing an alternative to state support and complementing the European democracy support system. The support varies from funding civil society initiatives to core & institutional funding (seed funding, bridge funding), supporting political leadership and providing technical expertise.

The eligible structures to apply are the ones from civil society, movements and people who:

  • Foster & encourage democratization and deep & sustainable democracy;
  • Promote democratic values and work in favor of a pluralistic multiparty system in the “neighborhood”.