July 14, 2020

Press release: Council conclusions on Ukraine, 20 February 2014

After the Extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council Meeting held on 20 February 2014, the Council adopted a series of conclusions on the situation in Ukraine (the most important being the introduction of targeted sanctions), as follows:

  • The EU condemned all use of violence, called for the people responsible for the severe infringements on human rights to be brought to justice and asked the government to exercise maximum restraint, as well as abide by its international commitments.
  • The EU called for all sides to engage in a meaningful dialogue in order to fulfill the democratic aspirations of the Ukrainian people.
  • It recognized the fact that a constitutional reform should be included in any long term solution of a political crisis.
  • In the light of the most recent and severe violent clashes resulting in multiple death, the EU decided to introduce targeted sanctions, including asset freeze and visa bans for those responsible for human right violations, as well as the suspension of export licenses that might be used for internal repression.

The conclusions also underlined the full commitment of the EU to assist Ukraine in the promotion of political dialogue and in its efforts towards a democratic society and mentioned that the offer of political association and economic integration within the EU is still on the table.

Source: The Council of the European Union



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