July 14, 2020

Results of the selection for the Black Sea NGO Fellowship 2012

12 young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia Turkey and Ukraine will attend the program of the 3rd edition of the Black Sea NGO Fellowship!

We received a number of 58 applications from all countries eligible for the program and selection proved out to be very difficult, as most applications were very good. Thanking all those that sent their application, all NGOs and individuals that helped promote the fellowship program, we now introduce the 12 fellows to you: 


Ms. Ghavalyan comes from Armenia and she is a master graduated in Political Science from the Artsakh State University. Also, she is a member of Nagorno-Karabakh Committee of “Helsinki Initiative-92” NGO, being in charge with the development of youth programs. Her main interests are politics, peace building, cross-border exchange programs non-formal education and youth activities.


Ms. Ismayilova is originary from Azerbaijan and she is a master graduate both in corporate communication and as well in French translation. According to her main interests such as training, charity or cultural rich events, in 2008 she obtained an internship in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and since October 2010 until now she has been working for Caritas Azerbaijan as project manager.


Ms. Trifonova is Bulgarian and since July 2011 to present has been working as project expert for the Economic Policy Institute in Sofia. She is also a bachelor student in International Relations and Affairs at University of National and World Economy in Sofia, where in 2007 she became member of International Relations Research Student Association.


Mr. Gabelia comes from Georgia and has followed the courses of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, in the field of Social and Political Sciences. Having a complex professional background, he is now a trainer in project writing at Akhaltsikhe Students’ Organization.  Furthermore, he is head of the Information Society Development Institute.


Ms. Dobrovolska, one of the delegates from the Republic of Moldova, is studying both medicine and foreign languages at the Transnistrian State University of Moldova. Her non-governmental experience varies from being a member of the political science club, to volunteering for orphans or for the Tiraspol English club. In 2012 she was awarded a certificate of appreciation in recognition of her services as Pike County Chamber of Commerce Intern.


Ms. Makunts is originary from Armenia and she currently is a PhD student at Yerevan State University, where she  has also obtained a master degree  in Romance and Germanic Philology. Starting 2005, she has been working as Lecturer of the English language and Political Discourse at the Russian – Armenian (Slavonic) State University. Concerning her social activity, from 2004 up to now she is one of the Political Board Members of LPA and also head of the Youth Organization of Liberal Party of Armenia.


Ms. Pankova is representing Russia and she is currently a student of Faculty of Geography at Lomonosov’s Moscow State University, Environmental management department. During her studies years, she has taken part in different youth programs, conferences or training courses, mainly focused on ecological issues. Concerning her scientific activity, she is currently studying the amount changes of heavy metals in seaweeds of Black Sea in Krasnodar Krai region.


Mr. Tahmaz comes from Turkey and has recently graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in Istanbul. He is an active volunteer for Community Volunteers Foundation and has been involved in various trainings both in the civil society field and also in the engineering one. Some of his main interests are age discrimination, volunteering, architecture and also industrial design.


Ms. Mykhaylyuk is from Ukraine and she is licensed in philology and also in guide-interpreters. Currently, she is following the master courses of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, in the field of German Studies. Her previous experience in international programs promoted her in 2009 to be a deputy chairman of the Youth Council in Lviv and between 2011- 2012 to occupy the position of Vice-President of  the International Student  Cultural  Organization, Troy, AL,USA.


Ms. Zhurba is one of the Ukrainian delegates and she comes from the non-governmental think-tank called the Centre for Political and Legal Reforms, where she works as legal expert and strategic development manager. In 2008 she obtained a master degree in Law at the Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko, her main interests being represented by NGOs, human rights and personal development.

INA DODICA – Republic of Moldova

Ms. Dodica is originary from the Republic of Moldova and since 2009 up to now she has been studying at the State University of Moldova. Over the last years, Ms. Dodica has attended various training course and youth programs, on subjects such as law, legal writing or European conventions, from which we mention ABA ROLI professional Internship program. In 2011 she joined the NGO called “Legal Clinic” and over the last year she has had the opportunity of practising at the Supreme Court of Justice and the Municipal Prosecution Office.


Mr. Septimius Parvu comes from Romania and he is the is the deputy director of Pro Democracy Association, one of the most experienced Romanian non-governmental organizations. He has worked in the NGO sector, especially with good governance related projects, including transparency, access to public information, public integrity and has collaborated intensely with public authorities. Having graduated political sciences, he is accustomed to the electoral systems and therefore has coordinated the latest observation missions for elections and referendum and was responsible for identifying and developing new media tools, useful for reporting frauds and irregularities.


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