July 25, 2021

Social Entrepreneurship and Regional Challenges in Regulating an Eco-System Favoring Sector Development - Articles Series


Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine are all confronted with long-term challenges and tendencies, both at national, regional and global levels, which will cause the countries to be more oriented to the individual, the environment and the community. Social entrepreneurship is one of the instruments through which we respond to these challenges and lower social disparities. Social entrepreneurship offers solutions for the future of education, workplaces, social order, the relation between the individual and the state, demographic and climate changes, social equality and social justice.

In the hereby article we will analyze where are the three countries situated and which are the steps to be taken as soon as possible.

Author: Angela Achiței, President, Close to You Foundation (Fundația Alături de Voi România)

This article is part of the Call for Articles Series “Building Knowledge for CSO Cooperation in the Black Sea Region”, in the context of the project “Building CSO Capacity for Regional Cooperation within the Black Sea Region”, implemented by FOND, and funded by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST), a project of the German Marshall Fund. The opinions expressed in this publication are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views those of the Black Sea Trust or its partners.

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