September 23, 2020

Stefan Füle urged the politicians in Moldova to stay committed to reforms for the benefit of citizens

A recent visit of the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, Stefan Füle to Moldova has sent another message to the country that its European integration perspective did not fade away once the political instability emerged and seems to have no end. But the EU official recalled that the democratic institutions do not belong to partisan interests and that politics should be made for people.

“Recent events in Moldova also make me reflect on the pitfalls political processes can face: it is essential that politics is for people; it has to be accountable and inclusive, and has to strengthen democratic institutions, not undermine them,” Stefan Füle said, referring to the recent political developments in Moldova.

He continued: “Only through politics committed to genuine reform and deep democracy, come concrete benefits to citizens. Democracy is a constant work in progress and often an uphill struggle. You all have prime responsibility in safeguarding it.”


Being in Chisinau for two days, Mr. Füle met with Moldovan President, Nicolae Timofti who updated him about the latest political developments.

“I did not come here to put my nose into Moldovan politics nor to fix anything – is ultimately up to the Moldovan politicians and people to do that,” Stefan Füle mentioned.

The EU official pointed out that the Republic of Moldova needs political stability for the reforms to continue and bring tangible benefits to the citizens.

“The Moldovan citizens deserve the benefits of reforms and the benefits of our continuing support which is not going to be limited to personalities and politics but policies of reforms strengthening the democracy and the rule of law complemented with concrete assistance where most needed,” the EU Enlargement Commissioner said.

He continued by saying that Moldova needs greater education and employment opportunities, as well as greater travel opportunities and better possibilities to people to realize their personal projects.

The official joined on Sunday the gay pride parade in Chisinau, sending a message of support to the gay community in Moldova and called on the Moldovan citizens to be more tolerant towards the minorities.

Stefan Füle said the EU will continue to support Moldova’s territorial integrity and help to further strengthen democracy.

“I have come here as a friend of Moldova and there are many friends like me in the European Union all of us committed to continued support of Moldova’s path – to ensure its territorial integrity, to build deep and sustainable democracy and promote prosperity for all,” the European Commissioner said.




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