October 25, 2021

The Black Sea NGO Forum – A story of success mentioned in the newest implementation report of the Black Sea Synergy

In March 2019, the European External Action Service, together with the European Commission published the third implementation report of the Black Sea Synergy.



The Joint Staff Working Document ‘Black Sea Synergy: review of a regional cooperation initiative – period 2015-2018’ is a factual review that underlines results and lessons learned in the last three years, reconfirming the positive contribution of the initiative to supporting regional cooperation.



This third review refers to the positive developments in many areas of cooperation, such as blue growth, maritime policy, marine research and innovation, fisheries, environmental protection and climate change, cross-border cooperation and civil society engagement and includes examples of successful projects developed under the Black Sea Synergy umbrella and relevant EU initiatives, closely connected to the Black Sea region and supported by the EU between 2015 and 2018, that contribute to strengthening interconnectivity and to promoting stability and prosperity in the region.



The Black Sea NGO Forum is listed as a success story of regional cooperation for civil society engagement, democracy and Human Rights.


“The Black Sea NGO Forum continued to be a Black Sea Synergy success story. The broad membership of the forum ensures greater and diverse participation. Guaranteeing momentum between annual fora, increasing visibility of Black Sea NGO Forum activities and ensuring more strategic communication could enable better use of the expertise that the forums can provide.”

We invite those interested to read more details at the following link: https://eeas.europa.eu/diplomatic-network/black-sea-synergy/346/black-sea-synergy_en .


Moreover, a recently published factsheet in which the Black Sea NGO Forum is also mentioned as a success story is available here



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