January 21, 2020

The New Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania – Ukraine – Republic of Moldova

The new Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania – Ukraine – Republic of Moldova will be administrated by the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration. For the period 2014 – 2020, the programme will comprise new elements such as:

  • The possible extension of the geographical area to adjacent regions, beyond the border counties; however the budget will remain the same;
  • The possibility of using a maximum of 20% of the funds to finance beneficiaries and activities outside the area of the programme (justification is needed);
  • Large infrastructure programmes could comprise up to 30% of the total funds dedicated to the programme ;
  • Funding will be concentrated on specific domains, which will be established following a series of consultations organised in all the three countries;
  • The people to people activities becomes a horizontal priority;
  • The programme’s strategic objectives are: the promotion of economic and social development; environment and health; ensuring the mobility of people, goods and capital.

You can read the first draft of the programme here: http://www.mdrap.ro/userfiles/ROBG_program_final.pdf

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