May 24, 2024

Visibility Event: Global Europe: What Role for Civil Society?/ the 23rd of July 2021, hybrid format

The Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND/ Black Sea NGO Forum (BSNGOF) team organized on 23 July 2021 (Sinaia, Romania), the visibility event (hybrid format) with the title “Global Europe: What role for the civil society?”. The visibility event was organized in the framework of the Black Sea NGO Forum project “Building CSO Capacity for Regional Cooperation within the Black Sea Region” funded by the European Union. Also, the event served as a great opportunity to familiarize with the context and the requirements of a hybrid format event, considering that this year’s edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum, planned for October 2021, will be organised in the same format.


On 14 June 2021, the European Union Council gave the final green light for the new financial instrument to support the EU’s external action objectives. Among the purposes mentioned in the document are Sustainable Development Goals at the global level, support for civil society organizations, including those with responsibilities in promoting SDGs. Therefore, thematic programs will focus on human rights and democracy, civil society, stability and peace, and global challenges such as health, education and training, women and children, work, social protection, culture, migration, and climate change. These topics are also identified as a priority by the Black Sea NGO forum participants, and many activities implemented by the participants of the BSNGOF cover these subjects.

The seminar aimed to highlight the role and place of civil society in the new EU financial program “NDICI – Global Europe” and assess the areas of thematic cooperation to which the Black Sea civil society can contribute.

The event gathered around 40 participants in person and almost 300 unique visitors on the Facebook page from European institutions, Brussels-based non-governmental organizations, and NGOs from the Black Sea region.

The event was broadcast online on the Facebook page of the Black Sea NGO Forum:

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