May 24, 2024

We are launching the new Black Sea NGO Forum project "Building CSO Capacity for Regional Cooperation within the Black Sea Region" !

We are more than happy to announce the beginning of a new phase for our Black Sea NGO Forum initiative!


Recently, we have been taking steps towards transforming the Black Sea NGO Forum into a long-term, strategic program, adapted to the needs of the Forum’s participants identified throughout the 11 editions organised up so far.


BSNGOF_infographic_V3The new Black Sea NGO Forum project „Building CSO Capacity for Regional Cooperation within the Black Sea Region” is implemented by the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND and funded by the European Union for the next three years, for the period January 2019 – December 2021.


The main goal is to increase stability and prosperity in the Black Sea Region by strengthening regional cooperation among civil society organisations in the Region in the context of sustainable development and societal resilience.


The new Black Sea NGO Forum project seeks to:

  • Improve the internal capacity of the Black Sea NGO Forum;
  • Provide capacity building opportunities for CSOs from the Black Sea Region and for the BSNGOF Working Groups;
  • Provide support for the creation of joint partnerships, projects, networks and initiatives of CSOs in the Black Sea Region;
  • Increase the visibility at European and international levels of CSOs from the Black Sea Region.

Besides the annual organisation of the Black Sea NGO Forum, in 2019 we will:

The years 2020 and 2021 will come with new and exciting opportunities as we plan to:

  • Organise a leadership & organizational development programme for CSOs and CSO leaders in the Region;
  • Organise a training & mentoring programme for regional CSO networks in the Region;
  • Implement a sub-granting scheme for activities that support the development of regional networks;
  • Organise visibility events in Brussels.

We invite you to remain informed by following our website and our official Facebook page.


The Black Sea NGO Forum was organised for the first time in 2008 within the framework of the Black Sea Synergy by the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND, with the purpose of consolidating regional cooperation at the Black Sea and fostering the sustainable development of the region.

The Black Sea NGO Forum has been enabling for more than 11 years an open space for debate, sharing mutual knowledge and understanding, communication and cooperation among civil society representatives, governments, international organisations and donors active in the Black Sea region, reuniting more than 1,100 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, the Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania and Russia, as well as other countries.

This article is produced with the financial support of the European Union. 


Its contents are the sole responsibility of the Romanian NGDO Platform – FOND and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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